ZIC: Zombies in City: Survival 0.1b Mod Apk Available !

ZIC Zombies in City Survival

ZIC: Zombies in City: Survival

Surviving a zombie apocalypse – the main goal for the four characters, left to die in a city emerging from the invasion of zombies. Life will bring together different people in the team of survivors, able to withstand the onslaught of the walking dead.

The zombies come out of the fog, at night and snuck bitten, infecting the majority of the inhabitants of the cursed city, staging a zombie apocalypse. The deadly virus has not only touched our heroes and now they only antidote for all of humanity.


  • Unique storyline – combine the survivors and zombies ZIC having escaped in the game: zombies in city.
  • 10 types of zombies and monsters, day / night, enemy looters.
  • Four characters with unique character and history.
  • Voice sounds, cat scenes and Easter eggs
  • Many kinds of weapons – a large arsenal to destroy the zombies
  • Grenades, rocket launcher, AK-47, Uzi, baton, machete, bat, chainsaw, pistol, revolver.
  • Arena mode in the development of

Screenshots :

ZIC Zombies in City Survival1

Mod Info :

  • Unlimited Money

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ZIC: Zombies in City: Survival 0.1b Mod APK (132.5 MB) | Mirror