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The missing link in high-end smartphone photography – is the most powerful keystone- and lens-correction tool out there and has been selected for the App Store’s “Best Apps 2014”. Discover never-before-seen editing features and enhance your smartphone photography with just a few taps. All hail symmetry!


“Best Apps 2014” – The App Store
“10 Best Photography Apps” – The Guardian UK
“Make Your iPhone Photos Look Professional With SKRWT” – AppAdvice
“SKRWT is the Missing Link to iPhone Photo Perfection” – Paste Magazine
“10 iPhone Apps That Will Do Wonders For your Photography” – Business Insider
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Correct Lens Distortion
Converging lines have always been a given in smartphone photography due to the fixed focal length of today’s mobile phones – but not anymore. You can now correct horizontal and vertical perspective distortion with just one swipe. It’s really that simple!
All-Purpose Lens Correction
SKRWT’s Sixth Lense Filter is a real game changer: Shots taken with adapters, DSLRs or with a GoPro now get their very own all-inclusive distortion-correction – drone enthusiasts welcome!
Optional Vignette Correction
Even though we agree that a nice, subtle vignette can add to a photograph here and there, we’d like to make sure you have the choice – always.
Full Auto-Cropping
Fixing crooked lines asks for slight cropping of the original photo, that’s just how it is. But no worries – it’s all taken care of! Automatic cropping provides your photo with the best possible result.
Adjustable Grid
Our custom-grid offers various options for your personal viewing pleasure both in terms of color as well as grid-size. So whatever your original photo looks like – you’re in control!
SKRWT’s ratio option helps you find the best possible ratio to create new compositions and uncover your pictures’ hidden symmetry.
Exif Reader
All file information at one glance: See your shots aperture, shutter, ISO and more in the built-in exif reader.
Pre-Import Preview
While we were at it, we’ve been consequently rethinking workflows. A preview before importing, immensely improving the selection process before editing.
Gallery Sorting Function
Arrange your gallery’s folders in whatever way works best – and optionally hide folders hindering your SKRWT workflow.
Interface Update
We’ve been rethinking the SKRWT experience to come up with ways to make it even easier to handle. So we overhauled the interface which now can be worked one-handed and even more intuitively – new control gestures included!
Mirror Filter
For minor mirroring purposes that don’t necessarily have to go through MRRW, there’s a new instant mirror filter in the main interface.
Overwrite Option
Optionally overwrite original photographs with the edited file to help prevent clustering your phone’s gallery.
And more…
Non-Destructive Workflow
Intuitive User Interface
Always Full-Res Saving
High Precision Editing
Wow Effect Guarantee

How to Install ?

Download the APK from given link
Move it to your phone
Install normally

That’s all. ENJOY!!! 🙂

NOTE: If you are a sucker for quality and symmetry, SKRWT is for you. Please check out for extended information on all the features.










SKRWT [Google Play]

SKRWT v1.2.3 APK [5.7 MB]