Pydroid – IDE for Python 2 v1.1 APK ! [Latest]


Pydroid is the most easy to use and powerful Python 2 IDE for Android.


  • Offline Python 2.7 interpreter: no Internet is required to run Python programs.
  • Full-featured Terminal Emulator, with a readline support (available in pip).
  • Pip package manager and a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages for heavy libraries, such as numpy, scipy and matplotlib
  • Built-in C, C++ and even Fortran compiler designed by n0n3m4, an author of C4droid, specially for Pydroid. It lets Pydroid build any library from pip, even if it is using native code. You can also build & install dependencies from a command line..
  • Cython support.
  • PDB debugger with breakpoints and watches.
  • Kivy graphical library with a shiny new SDL2 backend.
  • Matplotlib Kivy support available in Quick Install repository.

Editor features:

  • Code prediction, auto indentation and real time code analysis just like in any real IDE.
  • Extended keyboard bar with all symbols you need to program in Python.
  • Syntax highlighting & themes.
  • Tabs.
  • Enhanced code navigation with interactive assignment/definition gotos.
  • One click share on Pastebin.


Downloads :

Pydroid – IDE for Python 2 v1.1 APK (33.8 MB) | Mirror