PUSH Full Apk for Android v1.09

PUSH Full Apk for Android v1.09
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Do you want to make 100 drops below? Ambitious but not impossible goal! The Runtastic Push-Ups app is the ideal ally for toning the muscles of your arms and enhancing the biceps. Make a Gift: Start a training plan based on your level of preparation and stay motivated until you reach your goal. You do not need any gym membership and no special equipment. Additionally, you do not even have to count the reps: the proximity sensor of your smartphone or tablet will account for your push-ups. Do you still want to wait? Download the app now and crack it!


* How many push-ups did you get? The app tells you about the proximity sensor of your phone or to the touch of the display

* Customized: 3 training levels to get to 100 push-ups

* Automatic pause that activates in moments of rest, including seconds

* Vocal Trainer for constant feedback

* Personal records and monthly or yearly statistics on exercises

* Record rankings personal and total repetitions: compare with others and check where you stand among your Runtastic friends

* Upload your activities to Runtastic.com

* Transfer your data to MyFitnessPal

* Sharing your successes on Google+, Facebook , Twitter or via email

* Extra motivation thanks to the collection of badges at every


Completed repetition statistics not only stimulate you to always give you the maximum to respect your records but offer you a very good overview of all your exercises for arms and biceps. Always set new goals to not miss the enthusiasm and let the Runtastic Push-Ups app help you.


Your push-ups are automatically recognized through the proximity sensors of your smartphone or tablet or by simply touching the display.

Practical and intuitive: You can upload your sessions to Runtastic.com and access statistics and rankings at any time to track your progress.

Begin your journey to the BODY OF YOUR SIGHTS! Open the Runtastic Push-Ups app and start training right away wherever and whenever you want. During repetitions, focus on exercise and keep abdominal contracts. Ready Set Go!

Download Link’s:

Download APK File [Android 4.1 and up] v1.09

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