Poke Radar for GO PRO 1.4 APK Available Here !

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Poke Radar for GO

Pokéradar for GO is a great app which will assist you in Pokemon Go Game to find real-time location of Pokémon near you. You can find Pokemon nearby or anywhere you want. Poke Radar for Pokemon Go is extremely simple android app. You can easily find nearby Pokemon in your area that have been discovered by yourself and other players on the map. If you want to quickly find the nearest or any specific Pokemon location, you can use “filter” feature to find the nearest one. This app uses GPS to find location, it search and show where you are on the map. So finding Pokemon near you is very easy.

Advantages of the Poke radar Apk pro version:

  • no need to login / register!
  • no ads
  • more stability

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Pokéradar for GO Apk