Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Mod APK v1.3.2

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Mod APK v1.3.2
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Who would have thought? A game on the weaker Pokémon: Magikarp! With this simple, fitting Pokémon app, you can play in free time to grow the most majestic Magikarp that exists!

What Pokémon is Magikarp?

· It’s famous … but because of its weakness, unreliability, and uselessness in general
· It is not capable of learning powerful moves: it only jumps!
· When it gets too high, it can happen that it is caught from Pokemon Bird Pidgeotto, who takes it away!

Fate has so many surprises for this pathetic Pokémon, but nothing scary: look like it’s jumping!

What kind of game is it?

● With simple commands, training generations of Magikarp is all within reach
Touch the food that appears on the screen to feed your Magikarp, or train it to increase its jumping power! It’s easy, and every generation grows faster than the previous one!

● Discover so many Magikarps to show to your friends

In this app you can fish many Magikarp with unusual motifs, such as tricolor or bubbles! When you encounter a rare Magikarp, show your friends through social media!

● Help from Pikachu, Piplup, and other Pokémon

Some famous Pokémon may appear to help your Magikarp grow. Play and find out which Pokémon you can make friends!

● Brighten your aquarium with decorations!
Give a personal touch to the tub where you train Magikarp. Create the aquarium of your dreams and at the same time help Magikarp grow faster!

■ Warnings

· Terms of Use

Before using this application, you must read the terms of use.


data The game data will be saved only on your device. The only way to create a copy of game data on the server is to use the rescue function within this application. We recommend saving your data frequently.

· Device settings

Your device settings or the use you use may prevent you from starting this application. To ensure fair competition, some features may be inaccessible if traces of operations such as root or the like are detected on the device. The following devices are not compatible with this application and therefore you will not be able to download the game to any of them:

· Connection

A poor Internet connection during communication between the game and the server, such as when purchasing tools in a store can lead to damage or loss of your data. When using features that require an Internet connection, be sure to have a stable connection.

If there is a temporary interruption in the connection, you can sometimes resume playing and try again after a few moments. Remember that you will not be able to provide assistance for problems due to communication errors.

· Before Buying

This application is compatible with the Android 4.1 operating system or higher. Available features may depend on the operating system version. Before purchasing, be sure to use the free application features with your device without any problems. With some devices and / or settings, the application may not work properly.

· Technical Support

Visit support-it.pokemon.com to contact us in case of Pokémon problems: Magikarp Jump.

The game may not work properly, depending on the device and version of the operating system you are using.

How to install Pokémon in 2017 ?

  • Download the apk
  • Install it
  • Done

Pokémon Mod Info

  • Training,
  • Food,
  • Decorations and Items shop will increase the coins/diamonds
  • Re Fishing gives you Diamonds
  • Always ManaphyFoodFever available
  • Always Pokemon support skill available


Pokémon: Magikarp Jump v1.3.2 Mod (60.9 Mb)

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