March of Empires APK for Android v2.8.0q

March of Empires APK for Android v2.8.0q
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March of Empires

A great medieval war, a multiplayer mobile adventure where you have to conquer new opponents!

Build your castle, form an army and play the best free MMO app on your cellphone! Develop your civilization and face new and ambitious powers. On the throne, however, there is room for only one king! Will you unify all the territories or will you still be watching the kingdom fall into ruin?


• Armed ranks, builds buildings, confronts barbarians, seeks the territory to conquer and brings the balance between the powers.
• Give life to your kingdom thanks to the detailed graphics of this multiplayer app for free download on smartphones.


• Choose who to be in your adventure: King of the Highlands, North Tsar or Sultan of the Desert.
• Each army has a unique advantage and style of play: build quickly, strike with the knights, or defend civilization from invasion.


• Choose the right strategy for fighting, conquering, and spreading your influence across the territory.
• Unlock special powers and bonuses by gaining territory after another.
• Build defenses to counter invaders.
• Fight to conquer every territory and become the unquestioning king!


• Choose among noble knights and ruthless Vikings, a sample that can guide you to drive your army into battle and help create the kingdom.
• Find and create objects to provide more skill to your sample.
• Command heroes and adventurers in fun quests to seek new treasures.


• Build regional structures that offer benefits to you and your allies.
• Create thriving commercial bases and sacred temples and fight for treasures.


• A rehearsal carefully chooses the battle formations! Smart tactics can be more powerful than numbers in this free multiplayer simulator for smartphones.
• Take orders with the right timing to take advantage of changing seasons.


• The alliance management system facilitates the organization of the strategy with the allies.
• Plan your strategy with other alliances in a road of intrigue. In this multiplayer MMO app, you’ll get a lot of help with betrayal …
• Chat with players to build new alliances.


• Conquer the 5 fortified castles hosting the seat of the rule, the seat of the heroes, the seat of war, the seat of the order and the seat of the agreement.
• Each seat offers unique benefits and allows you to propose laws that can change the world.
• Each player participates, since the laws are voted on by the whole kingdom!
• New levels of diplomacy to be discovered: your alliance must negotiate with opponents and players to win the necessary votes and pass the laws you want.
• At the heart of everything there is the Supreme Throne, which only one player can get to get the most out of power!

5 castles have the vital throne and each one offers a unique influence over the whole kingdom that only alliances can have.

WHAT’S NEW March of Empires

Мy Lords, Update 18 is here!
-Hire Mercenaries
Choose from five different types: Norsemen, Naginatas, Warband, War Elephants & Scorpions
Each unit wields powerful active and passive skills
-Exclusive Halloween Features
Hunt for pumpkins and turn them to gold in the Pumpkin Hunt event
Log in every day to collect Ghostly Chests and craft the legendary Phantom Soul scythe
Try the Halloween lottery and win epic Blood Rune rings
Halloween city skin
-PvE Camps: Halloween Knights & many other features

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