LiveUSB Install v2.5.11 is Here !


LiveUSB Install

LiveUSB Install is a free cross-platform software for GNU/Linux and Windows, which helps you effortlessly install various Linux distributions and operating systems on your removable flash drive or external disk drive. This way, you can always carry your favourite distribution in your pocket – on your bootable thumb drive!
Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Android, RemixOS… You can install any of them, and many more!


install hundreds of Linux distributions – full listing
automatically download distributions from Internet – no need to download the ISO-image yourself!
multiplatform – runs on Linux AND Windows
created entirely with Free Software tools – Python, GTK, GIMP, Inkscape
create “persistent” installs of Ubuntu and Debian-based distributions (so your documents are not lost after you reboot the thumb drive)
can format flash drives bigger than 32GB



  1. Install  live-usb-install-2.5.11.exe
  2. That’s all 🙂




LiveUSB Install v2.5.11 Setup / Mirror