Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK [Root+No Root] v1.6.2 Build 255

Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK [Root+No Root] v1.6.2 Build 255
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Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG game of zombie survival where all survivors share the same goal: stay alive for as long as possible in an apocalyptic atmosphere and shoot at hordes of walking zombies. There is no room for friendship, love, and compassion. A lethal infectious pandemic has transformed the whole world into a land of deadly death of living dead. You can only rely on your strength in this post-apocalyptic world infested by walking zombies.

Instructions for survivors:


Are you against the other players and the army of walking zombies and other living dead in this free strategy shooter and zombie survival. Shoot and assassinate zombies and other living dead to survive in this post-apocalyptic game before you leave the skin.


Improve your strategic abilities and survival by creating more lethal weapons to lash against walking zombies and other enemies. Choose your target wisely and shoot the zombies or press the trigger on the game to get food.


Abandoned military bases and camps of survivors to find and possess the most valuable resources and lethal weapons. Get away from the border with the zombie and annihilating territory to gain resources.


Shoot the walking zombies together with the other players: an effective war strategy in this free GdR Zombie shooter. In this post apocalyptic scenario it is easier to survive and destroy the living dead with the help of other survivors. Join the various clans and assassinate more zombies you can on board assault aircraft!


Use chat. Information is the second most important resource after life in this GdR apocalyptic shooter of zombies. Collaborates and attacks zombies on board assault aircraft or plans a raid, frees new territories from living dead, and drives the zombie border away.


Infective epidemics, wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold can kill you more quickly than an army of living dead. The world is now home to the evil infected by the plague. In this post-apocalyptic zombie survival GDR, your goal is to manufacture more deadly weapons, kill the zombies and try to survive. Survival skills will be strategical to keep you alive in this apocalyptic post game infested with viruses and walking zombies.

In 2027, a pandemic caused by an unknown virus erodes most of the global population. The most violent virus is named lethal infectious pandemic. Meanwhile, a second pandemic still accounts for 80% of the population. The infectious pandemic transformed the infected population into a horde of walking living deaths.

The army of surviving zombies is, however, not your main problem. Many of the survivors of the pandemic virus are ready to stab your shoulders. Go on your own or group with your allies and join the clans to attack the zombies on board assault aircraft in the company. It is up to you to choose the best way and distance the border with the zombie territory in this free post apocalyptic shooting shooter for zombie survival. Use all the resources to destroy the zombies and survive in the death scene of this free zombie shooter.

Remember! Walking zombies are everywhere! Kill the zombies, shoot the zombies, fire the zombies, kill the zombies, destroy the zombies, squash the zombies and assassinate the zombies to survive. In this GdR free zombie shooter every decision counts.

What’s New?

✔️ Added bow with special shooting mechanics!
✔️ Added several events to the map especially for Chopper.
✔️ Increased the chances of Chopper parts drop from coupon boxes in Lobby of Bunker Alfa.
✔️ Emotions for a character has been added.

Last Day on Earth mod apk

Mod info:


Unlimited Energy (Buy with coins,you will have unlimited coins )
Purchase,Research Recipes and Crafting always pass successfully, regardless of the amount of money and resources.


1. Free Shopping
2. Free Blueprints (No Research Points Needed)
3. Free Craft (No Resources Needed)
4. Free Energy Refill
5. Free XP Booster

V1a: (pretty much same as v1 but might fixed some problems)

V1b: For emulators only! (same features as v1a)


– Duplicate Item (By Splitting)
– Durability Hack
– Add Coin every time using coin (On Map, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost)
– Add Skill point every using time using skill point
– free craft


1.) Unlimited Gold Coins – add coin every time using coin (On Map, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost)
2.) Unlimited Craft and Build Materials – You can craft/build without having the resources (wood/stone etc)
3.) Unlimited Skill Points – increase
4.) Max Durability

v1.5.8 build 181 mod info:

Unlimited Coins (Increase)
Free Shopping (Items With Coins Only, Not iAP)
Free XP Booster
Free Crafting

Download [Google Play] – Latest update: Sept 24

Root required + Lucky Patcher

Open Lucky Patcher->Toolbox->Patch to Android and apply Disable .apk Signature Verification
Lucky Patcher >> toolbox >> patch to android >> install patch 1 + patch 2 + patch 3

Install the .APK without errors/ stuck on loading screen:

1. Download the game from playstore
2. Open the game and load your save game if you have one
3. Close it then go to Root Explorer
4. Rename our mod apk, from .apk to .zip
5. Extract it after
6. Go to “lib” folder
7. Change the folder named armeabi-v7a to arm (don’t do anything with the other folder named x86/ if you are using on Emulators, delete x86 folder)
8. Go back then copy the lib folder
9. Paste it in Data/App-lib/zombie.survivl.craft.z
10. Everything should be fine now

lib only: Download and unzip the file, copy the file “” to Root directory: \Data\App-lib\zombie.survival.craft.z\lib\ and overwrite old one.

*Unroot devices will no longer stuck on loading screen. You can now enjoy the mods.

Please NOTE : Yes you can craft item for free. But you have to be careful,because the game have too many bugs,some items are not in the game yet even you can craft it, The developer hasn’t added the item in the game yet.this still in BETA VERSION, Such as dragunov, radio tower ..etc…

Root-LDoE: Survival v1.5.10 Mod v2 lib only

Root-LDoE: Survival v1.6.2 (255) Mod v2a APK

Root-LDoE: Survival v1.6.2 (255) Mod v2a lib only

NO Root-LDoE: Survival v1.6.2 (255) Mod v3 Mod APK

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