Implosion – Never Lose Hope v1.2.7 Mega Mod APK Updated


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Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion Never Lose Hope is a great action game for android. It is the most popular trending game of this year. Latest Version Updated – May 10, 2016

Story – In Implosion you will play the role of Jake, a hotshot young mecha pilot and the Jake is member of a group of humans that fled Earth in the wake of a global disaster. Jake and his team back to their home planet due to an incident, and now they’ll square off against a strange life known as the XADA.  The fate of the entire species is at stake, naturally. Luckily, you’ve got the War-Mech Series III battlesuit, a heavily armored piece of tech that’s as agile as it is powerful. You (Jake) will fight your way through 34 amazing stages of overhead action that takes plenty of cues from the greats of the genre. You’ll start with different kinds of attacks like a ranged machine gun, a basic slash with your sword and a special move that allows you to zoom forward with your blade extended (isn’t the game is interesting ?). That last move is basically Dante’s Stinger from Devil May Cry, and while this game doesn’t quite go down the rabbit hole as far as that game, its combat system is still extremely refined.

As much as it feels like DMC at times, it also seems to have picked up a few lessons from Ninja Gaiden and God Of War. In this your suit can’t jump but it can do a pretty mean combat roll. Your attack combo performance will increase into a spinning attack that hits just about everything around you. Now your suit levels up as you rack-up kills, allowing you to slap in new parts that improve it’s parameters. All these parts can be found around the levels as rewards for besting certain challenges, or bought in the shop using the credits you earn in the game. One think is important here that your suit has a limited number of slots, you have to pick and choose what you equp based on the needs of each level and your own personal playing style. But don’t worry we are sharing here a test mod of this game so you can play this game easily and enjoy, and one thing more i want to tell you that with these Hacks you can’t enjoy the game because with Cheats game challenges go down due to purchasing anything freely and using extra helps. So we strongly recommend you to play the game as is.

This game offers plenty of chances to retry should you fall in battle, but like most games of this type, Implosion grades you at the end of the level. Your score will take a hit when you retry. But if you don’t care about scores, there is incentive to meet at least some of the games demands, as doing so you’ll earn badges that you can trade in all kinds of goodies. If you care about scores, you will be pretty happy with how well the system is handled here. There’s plenty of room for mastery and each level has its own Game Center leaderboard, providing excellent motivation for revisiting in pursuit of a higher score. The graphics of this game are very good, the action is smooth and there is actually a fair bit of variety in the environment. Voice acting and music is very good.

This game is free to play but it have In-App Purchases, so you must have to pay for buying any item for Implosion – Never Lose Hope. But we are sharing here a hack for this, just download + Install and Enjoy.


  • Stunning console-quality graphics
  • First-class voice acting and Hollywood-grade audio production
  • Full orchestral scores masterfully mixed by Grammy Award winner and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy engineer, John Kurlander.
  • The most intuitive touch user-interface seen on the platform.
  • A vast arsenal of super-tech weaponry at your disposal, upgradable via the streamlined ARK Kernel system. Become the ultimate fusion of Man and Machine. Ensure the survival of the species.
  • Free to play mission 1-1 to 1-6, unlock all levels from one time IAP.
  • Using Google Play Save Games service to save after login Google Play acount at Options menu

Mega Mod Info

  • Unlocked Paid Version
  • Hack Level Capped
  • Unlocked Crimson
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Badges
  • Unlimited Main Weapon Bullets
  • Unlimited Secondary Weapon Bullets
  • Unlimited Usage of Skills
  • Skill Cooldown Decreased Immensely
  • All Achievements Unlocked
  • All Rewards Collected
  • 1 Hit K.O. (Main)
  • 1 Hit K.O. (Skills)
  • Invincible (Ghost Mode)
  • Base HP Immensely Increased
  • Base Mana Immensely Increased
  • Base Power Immensely Increased
  • Base Endurance Immensely Increased
  • Base Armor Immensely Increased
  • Base Rage Immensely Increased
  • Base Shield Immensely Increased
  • HP Sustained
  • Endurance Sustained
  • Armor Sustained
  • Rage Sustained
  • Shield Sustained
  • Unlocked Full Version
  • Unlimited Money

Unlocked Mod Info (For Dedicated Players)

  • Unlocked Full Version

How To Install ?

  • Uninstall any version of Implosion (If Installed)
  • Download and Install Mega Mod Apk From the Links Given Below
  • Download and Extract the OBB DATA in “Internal Storage/Android/obb” folder
  • Done, Enjoy



Money Mod Apk

Implosion – Never Lose Hope Money MOD APK (20 MB)

Mega Mod Apk

Implosion – Never Lose Hope Mega Mod APK (20 MB)

OBB Cache

Implosion – Never Lose Hope OBB Cache (1.4 GB)



v1.1.3 Unlocked APK

Unlocked APK For Adreno (20 MB)

Unlocked APK For Mali (20 MB)

Unlocked APK For Power-VR (20 MB)

Unlocked APK For Tegra (20 MB)

v1.1.3 Money MOD APK

Money MOD APK For Adreno (20 MB)

Money MOD APK For Mali (20 MB)

Money MOD APK For Power-VR (20 MB)

Money MOD APK For Tegra (20 MB)

v1.1.3 Mega MOD APK

Mega Mod APK For Adreno (20 MB)

Mega Mod APK For Mali (20 MB)

Mega Mod APK For Power-VR (20 MB)

Mega Mod APK For Tegra (20 MB)

v1.1.3 OBB Cache

OBB Cache For Adreno (1.1 GB)

OBB Cache For Mali (1.1 GB)

OBB Cache For Power-VR (1.1 GB)

OBB Cache For Tegra (1.1 GB)