AutoMate – Car Dashboard Apk for android v1.6.0

AutoMate – Car Dashboard Apk for android v1.6.0
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AutoMate makes the services available while you are driving. With AutoMate, you will have the right information at the right time so you can concentrate on the road.

Basic Features 

Maps – Searching for routes and launching your favorite navigation application for step-by-step navigation. • Places – Searching nearby services, such as distributors and restaurants, with a click. • Phone – Easy call to your favorite contacts, view call history, and dial a number. • Messaging – Send and replicate messages, hands-free responses available for many common messaging applications.• Voice – Control application through voice, music, and more. • Contest Info – Receive weather updates, view recent searches, receive speed limit alerts, and other piers. • Media Control – Control of many popular media applications with the use of buttons or gestures. • Shortcuts – Adds favorite fingerprint applications including quick settings. • Data – Real-time display of motor parameters via an OBDII adapter with Torque Integration.

Premium Features • Set AutoMate as a launcher while it is running. • Hand-operated hands! Move your hands to get different actions. • Speed ​​cameras and traffic camcorders for no longer being sanctioned! • Customize backgrounds for night and day themes. • Startup options to make AutoMate easier to use.

Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission. It is used to automatically lock the screen, if that option is enabled. Otherwise, we do not request this permission.

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