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  • Pro Haxor 5:45 pm on April 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Nucleo Vintage, Nucleo Vintage amazon app store, Nucleo Vintage android, Nucleo Vintage android gingerbread, Nucleo Vintage android honeycomb, Nucleo Vintage android ice cream sandwich, Nucleo Vintage android jelly bean, Nucleo Vintage android kitkat, Nucleo Vintage android l, Nucleo Vintage apk, Nucleo Vintage cheat, Nucleo Vintage cheat engine, Nucleo Vintage cheat tool, Nucleo Vintage cheat tools, Nucleo Vintage cheats, Nucleo Vintage crack, Nucleo Vintage cracked, Nucleo Vintage free, Nucleo Vintage full version, Nucleo Vintage hack, Nucleo Vintage hacked, Nucleo Vintage iap, Nucleo Vintage iap crack, Nucleo Vintage iap free, Nucleo Vintage iap hack, Nucleo Vintage mobile, Nucleo Vintage mod, Nucleo Vintage modded, Nucleo Vintage modded apk, Nucleo Vintage mods, Nucleo Vintage play store, Nucleo Vintage premium, Nucleo Vintage Pro, Nucleo Vintage root, Nucleo Vintage tweak, Nucleo Vintage tweaks, Nucleo Vintage unlock   

    Nucleo Vintage – Icon Pack v2.6 APK 

    With over 4600+ icons, Nucleo Vintage, will bring a new and completely unique vintage material design look to your smartphone!

    What is Nucleo vintage:
    Nucleo will stransform all your icons in Material design vith a new wonderful vintage style!


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    Tags: PIX IT VINTAGE, PIX IT VINTAGE amazon app store, PIX IT VINTAGE android, PIX IT VINTAGE android gingerbread, PIX IT VINTAGE android honeycomb, PIX IT VINTAGE android ice cream sandwich, PIX IT VINTAGE android jelly bean, PIX IT VINTAGE android kitkat, PIX IT VINTAGE android l, PIX IT VINTAGE apk, PIX IT VINTAGE cheat, PIX IT VINTAGE cheat engine, PIX IT VINTAGE cheat tool, PIX IT VINTAGE cheat tools, PIX IT VINTAGE cheats, PIX IT VINTAGE crack, PIX IT VINTAGE cracked, PIX IT VINTAGE free, PIX IT VINTAGE full version, PIX IT VINTAGE hack, PIX IT VINTAGE hacked, PIX IT VINTAGE iap, PIX IT VINTAGE iap crack, PIX IT VINTAGE iap free, PIX IT VINTAGE iap hack, PIX IT VINTAGE mobile, PIX IT VINTAGE mod, PIX IT VINTAGE modded, PIX IT VINTAGE modded apk, PIX IT VINTAGE mods, PIX IT VINTAGE play store, PIX IT VINTAGE premium, PIX IT VINTAGE Pro, PIX IT VINTAGE root, PIX IT VINTAGE tweak, PIX IT VINTAGE tweaks, PIX IT VINTAGE unlock   

    PIX IT VINTAGE – Icon Pack v2.7 APK ! [Latest] 

    Pix it is a game of shapes and colors, a dynamic icon pack where the icon floating, fits, overlaps or even disappear! All in one vintage style! A new game that allows you to have a completely different style which continuously changes without

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    Tags: Smugy, Smugy amazon app store, Smugy android, Smugy android gingerbread, Smugy android honeycomb, Smugy android ice cream sandwich, Smugy android jelly bean, Smugy android kitkat, Smugy android l, Smugy apk, Smugy cheat, Smugy cheat engine, Smugy cheat tool, Smugy cheat tools, Smugy cheats, Smugy crack, Smugy cracked, Smugy free, Smugy full version, Smugy hack, Smugy hacked, Smugy iap, Smugy iap crack, Smugy iap free, Smugy iap hack, Smugy mobile, Smugy mod, Smugy modded, Smugy modded apk, Smugy mods, Smugy play store, Smugy premium, Smugy Pro, Smugy root, Smugy tweak, Smugy tweaks, Smugy unlock   

    Smugy (Grace UX) – Icon Pack v4.6 APK ! [Latest] 

    SMUGY UI !
    Smugy UI is my new icon packs with over 4700 icons in a new squircle shape made with new fresh and clean colors.

    What will you find inside: Over 4700 icons in a new squircle style, complete support for all stock icons from the most important

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    Tags: PIXXO, PIXXO amazon app store, PIXXO android, PIXXO android gingerbread, PIXXO android honeycomb, PIXXO android ice cream sandwich, PIXXO android jelly bean, PIXXO android kitkat, PIXXO android l, PIXXO apk, PIXXO cheat, PIXXO cheat engine, PIXXO cheat tool, PIXXO cheat tools, PIXXO cheats, PIXXO crack, PIXXO cracked, PIXXO free, PIXXO full version, PIXXO hack, PIXXO hacked, PIXXO iap, PIXXO iap crack, PIXXO iap free, PIXXO iap hack, PIXXO mobile, PIXXO mod, PIXXO modded, PIXXO modded apk, PIXXO mods, PIXXO play store, PIXXO premium, PIXXO Pro, PIXXO root, PIXXO tweak, PIXXO tweaks, PIXXO unlock   


    Description :

    Pixel style meet longshadow, Pixxo UI is here!

    Pixxo UI is a simply round icon pack inspired by the new Google Pixel style. The main difference is the long shadow which adds a more personal and complete touch. Vivid and bright

  • Pro Haxor 3:36 pm on April 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Aurora UI, Aurora UI amazon app store, Aurora UI android, Aurora UI android gingerbread, Aurora UI android honeycomb, Aurora UI android ice cream sandwich, Aurora UI android jelly bean, Aurora UI android kitkat, Aurora UI android l, Aurora UI apk, Aurora UI cheat, Aurora UI cheat engine, Aurora UI cheat tool, Aurora UI cheat tools, Aurora UI cheats, Aurora UI crack, Aurora UI cracked, Aurora UI free, Aurora UI full version, Aurora UI hack, Aurora UI hacked, Aurora UI iap, Aurora UI iap crack, Aurora UI iap free, Aurora UI iap hack, Aurora UI mobile, Aurora UI mod, Aurora UI modded, Aurora UI modded apk, Aurora UI mods, Aurora UI play store, Aurora UI premium, Aurora UI Pro, Aurora UI root, Aurora UI tweak, Aurora UI tweaks, Aurora UI unlock   

    Aurora UI – Icon Pack v6.6 APK ! [Latest] 

    AURORAUI …is created by a flat style and the freshness colors with the addition of a long shadow that complements its unique design, the flat shadow design. The circular shape, typical of the design of Google, integrate your

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    Tags: Chromatin UI, Chromatin UI amazon app store, Chromatin UI android, Chromatin UI android gingerbread, Chromatin UI android honeycomb, Chromatin UI android ice cream sandwich, Chromatin UI android jelly bean, Chromatin UI android kitkat, Chromatin UI android l, Chromatin UI apk, Chromatin UI cheat, Chromatin UI cheat engine, Chromatin UI cheat tool, Chromatin UI cheat tools, Chromatin UI cheats, Chromatin UI crack, Chromatin UI cracked, Chromatin UI free, Chromatin UI full version, Chromatin UI hack, Chromatin UI hacked, Chromatin UI iap, Chromatin UI iap crack, Chromatin UI iap free, Chromatin UI iap hack, Chromatin UI mobile, Chromatin UI mod, Chromatin UI modded, Chromatin UI modded apk, Chromatin UI mods, Chromatin UI play store, Chromatin UI premium, Chromatin UI Pro, Chromatin UI root, Chromatin UI tweak, Chromatin UI tweaks, Chromatin UI unlock   

    Chromatin UI – Icon Pack v4.6 Apk 

    Chromatin UI is a new Material Design icon pack inspired by the grain effects from Google illustration.

    This icon pack is based on Nucleo UI but with three big difference : no long shadow, a grain effect and bright and shiny colors.

    What will you find

  • Pro Haxor 2:25 pm on April 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Pix it, Pix it amazon app store, Pix it android, Pix it android gingerbread, Pix it android honeycomb, Pix it android ice cream sandwich, Pix it android jelly bean, Pix it android kitkat, Pix it android l, Pix it apk, Pix it cheat, Pix it cheat engine, Pix it cheat tool, Pix it cheat tools, Pix it cheats, Pix it crack, Pix it cracked, Pix it free, Pix it full version, Pix it hack, Pix it hacked, Pix it iap, Pix it iap crack, Pix it iap free, Pix it iap hack, Pix it mobile, Pix it mod, Pix it modded, Pix it modded apk, Pix it mods, Pix it play store, Pix it premium, Pix it Pro, Pix it root, Pix it tweak, Pix it tweaks, Pix it unlock   

    Pix it – Icon Pack v3.6 APK ! [Latest] 

    Pix it

    When the Material Design meets new Pixel Google style, a new theme comes… Pix It!

    Pix it is a game of shapes and colors, a dynamic icon pack where the icon floating, fits, overlaps or even disappear! A new game that allows you to have

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    Tags: Aurora UI Square, Aurora UI Square amazon app store, Aurora UI Square android, Aurora UI Square android gingerbread, Aurora UI Square android honeycomb, Aurora UI Square android ice cream sandwich, Aurora UI Square android jelly bean, Aurora UI Square android kitkat, Aurora UI Square android l, Aurora UI Square apk, Aurora UI Square cheat, Aurora UI Square cheat engine, Aurora UI Square cheat tool, Aurora UI Square cheat tools, Aurora UI Square cheats, Aurora UI Square crack, Aurora UI Square cracked, Aurora UI Square free, Aurora UI Square full version, Aurora UI Square hack, Aurora UI Square hacked, Aurora UI Square iap, Aurora UI Square iap crack, Aurora UI Square iap free, Aurora UI Square iap hack, Aurora UI Square mobile, Aurora UI Square mod, Aurora UI Square modded, Aurora UI Square modded apk, Aurora UI Square mods, Aurora UI Square play store, Aurora UI Square premium, Aurora UI Square Pro, Aurora UI Square root, Aurora UI Square tweak, Aurora UI Square tweaks, Aurora UI Square unlock   

    Aurora UI Square – Icon Pack v6.6 Free Apk 

    Aurora UI Square – Icon Pack

    AURORAUI – Square Edition! …is created by flat style and the freshness colors, with the addition of a long shadow that complements its unique design, the flat shadow design. Enclosed in a

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    Tags: Whicons, Whicons amazon app store, Whicons android, Whicons android gingerbread, Whicons android honeycomb, Whicons android ice cream sandwich, Whicons android jelly bean, Whicons android kitkat, Whicons android l, Whicons apk, Whicons cheat, Whicons cheat engine, Whicons cheat tool, Whicons cheat tools, Whicons cheats, Whicons crack, Whicons cracked, Whicons free, Whicons full version, Whicons hack, Whicons hacked, Whicons iap, Whicons iap crack, Whicons iap free, Whicons iap hack, Whicons mobile, Whicons mod, Whicons modded, Whicons modded apk, Whicons mods, Whicons play store, Whicons premium, Whicons Pro, Whicons root, Whicons tweak, Whicons tweaks, Whicons unlock   

    Whicons – White Icon Pack v9.5.6 APK 


    *You need a custom launcher to apply this icon pack*

    ▶ Features

    • 4619 icons • Cloud wallpapers • Dashboard app with icon request tool • Frequent updates • More than 19700 apps covered • Dynamic Calendar

  • Pro Haxor 12:59 pm on April 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: RETROPIX, RETROPIX amazon app store, RETROPIX android, RETROPIX android gingerbread, RETROPIX android honeycomb, RETROPIX android ice cream sandwich, RETROPIX android jelly bean, RETROPIX android kitkat, RETROPIX android l, RETROPIX apk, RETROPIX cheat, RETROPIX cheat engine, RETROPIX cheat tool, RETROPIX cheat tools, RETROPIX cheats, RETROPIX crack, RETROPIX cracked, RETROPIX free, RETROPIX full version, RETROPIX hack, RETROPIX hacked, RETROPIX iap, RETROPIX iap crack, RETROPIX iap free, RETROPIX iap hack, RETROPIX mobile, RETROPIX mod, RETROPIX modded, RETROPIX modded apk, RETROPIX mods, RETROPIX play store, RETROPIX premium, RETROPIX Pro, RETROPIX root, RETROPIX tweak, RETROPIX tweaks, RETROPIX unlock   



    RETROPIX is a PIXEL inspired icon pack with in a retro style!

    A simply round icon pack inspired by the new Google Pixel style with a vintage touch.

    FEATURES ・ 4700+ icons in full HD ・ 920+ colorful

  • Pro Haxor 6:55 pm on April 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Ant Download Manager, Ant Download Manager amazon app store, Ant Download Manager android, Ant Download Manager android gingerbread, Ant Download Manager android honeycomb, Ant Download Manager android ice cream sandwich, Ant Download Manager android jelly bean, Ant Download Manager android kitkat, Ant Download Manager android l, Ant Download Manager apk, Ant Download Manager cheat, Ant Download Manager cheat engine, Ant Download Manager cheat tool, Ant Download Manager cheat tools, Ant Download Manager cheats, Ant Download Manager crack, Ant Download Manager cracked, Ant Download Manager free, Ant Download Manager full version, Ant Download Manager hack, Ant Download Manager hacked, Ant Download Manager iap, Ant Download Manager iap crack, Ant Download Manager iap free, Ant Download Manager iap hack, Ant Download Manager mobile, Ant Download Manager mod, Ant Download Manager modded, Ant Download Manager modded apk, Ant Download Manager mods, Ant Download Manager play store, Ant Download Manager premium, Ant Download Manager Pro, Ant Download Manager root, Ant Download Manager tweak, Ant Download Manager tweaks, Ant Download Manager unlock   

    Ant Download Manager PRO 1.4.3 Build 40045 + Patch 

    Description :

    Ant Download Manager is a quick downloader Internet content with support for video downloads! function:Full integration with the most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 32 +, Google Chrome 31+ and their clones

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    Tags: hack spotify music, onhax, OnHax Spotify, pps Spotify, Spotify amazon app store, Spotify android, Spotify android gingerbread, Spotify android honeycomb, Spotify android ice cream sandwich, Spotify android jelly bean, Spotify android kitkat, Spotify android l, Spotify apk, Spotify cheat, Spotify cheat engine, Spotify cheat tool, Spotify cheat tools, Spotify cheats, Spotify crack, Spotify cracked, Spotify free, Spotify full version, Spotify hack, Spotify hacked, Spotify iap, Spotify iap crack, Spotify iap free, Spotify iap hack, Spotify mobile, Spotify mod, Spotify modded, Spotify modded apk, Spotify mods, spotify music, spotify music ads, spotify music apk, spotify music app, spotify music converter, spotify music downloader, spotify music downloader cydia, spotify music essentials cydia, spotify music for ios 6, spotify music google play, spotify music hack, spotify music hack apk, spotify music ipod, spotify music itunes, spotify music limit, spotify music listen, spotify music match, spotify music mod, spotify music mod apk, spotify music offline, spotify music on iphone, spotify music on ipod, spotify music player, spotify music player android, spotify music premium apk, spotify music quality, spotify music quality difference, spotify music to mp3, spotify music unlimited, spotify music visualizer, Spotify play store, Spotify premium, Spotify Pro, Spotify root, Spotify tweak, Spotify tweaks, spotify unlimited music quality, Spotify unlock   

    Spotify Music Apk v8.4.1.838 Final Mega Mod Premium ! 

    Spotify Music

    OnHax Spotify Music Apk is a great choice of music lovers, it is a free music player app but with minimum features. If you really want to get full features then you have to pay for it’s premium

    • Chris 8:18 pm on May 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Pls mirror
      file not found

    • Mark 3:27 am on May 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      not working 🙁 unlock shuffling is not work, just like normal app

    • revanth 4:11 pm on May 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      None of the features working 🙁

      • On HAX 8:21 pm on May 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Updated! please download old version

    • Jefferson 12:21 am on May 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply


    • Ahmad Alim Fathoni 3:12 am on June 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks dude !

    • Tim 7:07 pm on June 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Amazing !
      But with the “premium”, we can’t choose song !
      And there is no link for “SpotifySkip APK” as you said in the tutorial.

      The mega mod work fine, but we can’t use offline mode…

    • jay 12:17 am on July 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What kind of false advertising is this? None of these don’t allow you to download music for offline usage.

    • Leo M. 6:36 pm on July 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Spotify is not available in my country 🙁 I had to use a vpn from arcvpn to sign up for service.

    • ahmed 4:59 am on August 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      thanks works >3

    • Andrewchiew 11:27 pm on August 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Can you make the spotify premium to get offline mod?

    • Luis 3:22 am on September 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Which one do i download if I want Premium and unlimited skips and replays without being charged and how do I know I have premium

    • xoxoxo 5:00 am on September 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      there cannot be download the songs.

  • Pro Haxor 5:59 pm on April 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ProtonMail, ProtonMail amazon app store, ProtonMail android, ProtonMail android gingerbread, ProtonMail android honeycomb, ProtonMail android ice cream sandwich, ProtonMail android jelly bean, ProtonMail android kitkat, ProtonMail android l, ProtonMail apk, ProtonMail cheat, ProtonMail cheat engine, ProtonMail cheat tool, ProtonMail cheat tools, ProtonMail cheats, ProtonMail crack, ProtonMail cracked, ProtonMail free, ProtonMail full version, ProtonMail hack, ProtonMail hacked, ProtonMail iap, ProtonMail iap crack, ProtonMail iap free, ProtonMail iap hack, ProtonMail mobile, ProtonMail mod, ProtonMail modded, ProtonMail modded apk, ProtonMail mods, ProtonMail play store, ProtonMail premium, ProtonMail Pro, ProtonMail root, ProtonMail tweak, ProtonMail tweaks, ProtonMail unlock   

    ProtonMail – Encrypted Email v1.6.1 Unlocked [Latest] Apk 

    Description :

    “ProtonMail offers encrypted email, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to read it except the sender and the recipient.” Wall Street Journal

    ProtonMail is the world’s largest encrypted email service with over 1 million

  • Pro Haxor 5:55 pm on April 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Adguard Content Blocker amazon app store, Adguard Content Blocker android, Adguard Content Blocker android gingerbread, Adguard Content Blocker android honeycomb, Adguard Content Blocker android ice cream sandwich, Adguard Content Blocker android jelly bean, Adguard Content Blocker android kitkat, Adguard Content Blocker android l, Adguard Content Blocker apk, Adguard Content Blocker cheat, Adguard Content Blocker cheat engine, Adguard Content Blocker cheat tool, Adguard Content Blocker cheat tools, Adguard Content Blocker cheats, Adguard Content Blocker crack, Adguard Content Blocker cracked, Adguard Content Blocker free, Adguard Content Blocker full version, Adguard Content Blocker hack, Adguard Content Blocker hacked, Adguard Content Blocker iap, Adguard Content Blocker iap crack, Adguard Content Blocker iap free, Adguard Content Blocker iap hack, Adguard Content Blocker mobile, Adguard Content Blocker mod, Adguard Content Blocker modded, Adguard Content Blocker modded apk, Adguard Content Blocker mods, Adguard Content Blocker play store, Adguard Content Blocker premium, Adguard Content Blocker Pro, Adguard Content Blocker root, Adguard Content Blocker tweak, Adguard Content Blocker tweaks, Adguard Content Blocker unlock   

    Adguard Content Blocker v1.6.6 

    Adguard Content Blocker is an app that will block all ads only in Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser without requiring you to root your device. Adguard Content Blocker doesn’t blockads in any other apps.

    Customize the app to suit your

  • Pro Haxor 5:40 pm on April 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    The Fate of the Furious 2017 [English+Hindi] 

    Description :

    With Dom and Letty married, Brian and Mia retired and the rest of the crew exonerated, the globe-trotting team has found some semblance of a normal life. They soon face an unexpected challenge when a mysterious woman named Cipher forces

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