ASTRO File Manager with Cloud PRO Apk is HERE!

ASTRO Cloud and File Manager,ASTRO Cloud and File Manager,

ASTRO Cloud & File Manager – file explorer with over 100 million downloads worldwide!

Organize, view and retrieve all of your pictures, music, videos, & documents; built-in app backup & task killer; manage all your files regardless of where they are stored (in a cloud or on another device such as):

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Box & SkyDrive)
  • PC, Mac, Linux (via networking)

Ever try to find a file but can’t remember where you put it? ASTRO has the most robust technology to search phones or search for files in the mobile world, giving you the ability to do anything from broad searches across all locations mentioned above for types of content (pics, music, videos, etc.) to very specific file searches based on file name, size, location, etc. And, with ASTRO’s unique “CLOUD HOPPING (TM)”, you can move files from one cloud to another in a single copy or move/paste – without having to download them first before sending to your destination cloud!

ASTRO now has support for Leef Bridge, a powerful, yet simple, innovative USB flash drive that allows users to easily transfer files to other devices (Android phones, tablets, Macs and PCs).


  • File manager
  • Phone download manager
  • Content management
  • Multiple cloud management / cloud storage manager with Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive
  • Android file browser
  • File and/or app backup
  • App manager
  • Image and text viewers
  • Networking
  • Bluetooth
  • SFTP
  • Zip Files
  • Download manager
  • Task manager and more!

New file Indexing functionality:
– After your first search, results are almost instantaneous across all indexed locations (mobile device, clouds, networked locations)
– If you are offline, you can still search for files that have been indexed.
– Eliminates redundant network calls in ASTRO, making some file search operations faster.
– Better file search, file browsing experience in areas with spotty or slow network coverage.

ASTRO File & Cloud Manager PRO gives you the ability to kill tasks or processes that burn battery life (Task Killer Tool) and easily backup apps (App Backup Tool) in case you lose or change phones.

Fixed bug crashing Russian translation
Marshmallow compatibility updates

How to Install

  1. Download and install apk
  2. Enjoy your PRO version! 😉



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