APK Editor Pro Apk Mod Premium Unlocked for Android v1.8.18

APK Editor Pro Apk Mod Premium Unlocked for Android v1.8.18
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APK Editor Pro

APK Editor is an application that allows you to do exactly what it says its name: modify any APKs saved on your device; if you do not own the APK, you can extract it from any application you have installed.

With APK Editor you can choose between two types of changes: FULL EDIT that lets you rebuild files from an APK and SIMPLE EDIT that allows you to replace files within an APK. The first is a much more complex and heavy process, while the second type of modification can be made much easier.

Regardless of what type you choose, you quickly realize that it’s really easy to change any aspect of an APK. You can change the background image of an application, add and delete languages, or even delete permissions. It all depends on what your abilities are.

APK Editor is a complicated application. If used properly, it can bring a lot of benefits, but if you can not use it fully … not so much. Anyway, you can find some examples and tips to use the application correctly on the app’s help page.

WHAT’S NEW APK Editor Pro in 2017?

new resource building program (faster, when Android version >= 5.0);
updated xml serilizer to fix some string issue;
bug fix in settings for the overwrite option.
upgrade android.jar to Android O
faster for big file editing
can view the file which cause compile error
bugs fix (a critical bug in common edit, others)
a quick fix for project issue in V1.8.12

Download Link’s:

Download APK File v1.8.18

Download APK File [MOD] v1.6.12


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