Antivirus for Android Pro v2.3.4 Cracked APK Available !


Antivirus for Android Pro

Antivirus for Android Pro prevents the spread of viruses and malware that affect both Android and Windows by detecting them on your device before they get spread.

Antivirus for Android Pro has a proprietary real time protection scanning engine that scans both apps and files for viruses and malware as you install them. Android Antivirus Pro is one of the only security
applications that scans files and looks inside compressed zip files as they are created or changed on your device’s storage!

Itus Mobile Security has put their best efforts forward to ensure that Antivirus for Android Pro is as simple as it can get.

Antivirus for Android Pro Features

  • State of the art scanning engine built for Android
  • Real time protection scans apps, files, and looks inside zip files as you install them
  • Deep scan will scan the entire contents of your apps for deeply embedded viruses and malware
  • Scans the files on your SD card for both Android and Windows viruses
  • Beautiful simple interface
  • Optimized for tablets
  • Voice notifications when threats are detected
  • Analytics shows how many total viruses and threats are caught by Antivirus for Android Pro Pro every day!

Pro Specific Features

  • Faster scanning engine
  • Immediate threat database updates
  • No ads

What’s New

  • Added support for Android 6.0

Download & Links

Antivirus for Android Pro v2.3.4 APK (3.6 MB) | Mirror